It all started with one mission: to bring you


one gourmet treat at a time.

A pinch of magic, a few grams of work and a good kilo of passion later: our gourmet cups are out of the oven, ready to be eaten with passion.

Mathilde Lagarrigue par Pauline Chatelan.JPG

It all started in 2015, on school benches, with a project to create a fictitious business.

Les Petites Françaises is the two of us and our cups, handmade with love and passion.

Because our gourmet cookie shots look like us and embody our values, they are made from quality, selected ingredients . We wish to collaborate with passionate local producers who respect nature and the environment.

Because we are loyal and want to stay true to our principles, we are determined to work with transparency and honesty. This desire to combine the best ingredients with our pastry know-how allows us to obtain an authentic and gourmet product , to share with friends or relatives.

Finally, because we are epicureans and love what is both beautiful and good,

Les Petites Françaises is a call to gourmet & elegant pleasure .

crédits photo : Pauline Chatelan